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Owners Mat Heaton and Danny Ashworth

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Cost From $2.95 up to $250.00 and more if you need addons

Ranking 90 of 100

Parent co. Endurance International Group


Who Is Bluehost

Bluehost is a large hosting company started in 2003 by Mat Heaton and Danny Ashworth to help people and businesses to create websites with many plans and options to fit their needs.

Located in Orem, Utah Bluehost is an American company with over two million websites all over the world.

From their servers to their internal tools to the scripts for the customers to rely on, the secure web hosting company is built on open source.

To give back to the community they work hand-in-hand with developers to leverage their resources and expertise towards helping their software and thrive.

With a development team experienced in optimizing over 80 open source platforms, Bluehost is the world’s leading solution for open source                   Implementation and development.

Bluehost is among the most reliable web hosting companies on the market.

In 2010 Bluehost partnered with Endurance International Group’s family of brands.


Bluehost Who Is It For


Built With Everything For Small To Large Companies


My Bluehost Review

They say Bluehost is for the novice to professional I don’t think this is the best place for a newbie to start.

The best place for a newbie is Wealthy Affiliate wear they have step by step task based university.

Free training and 2 websites.

Bluehost is a great place for a wide range of clients looking for a hosting company that is reasonably priced. With plans to fit what your needs are.

They have millions of customers worldwide with live expert support team of #750 + very helpful and polite people to help and advise you on what is best for you and your company.


Always there 24 / 7 / 364 days a year.

With service that you can rely on and not be locked in.

the number one hosting platform in the world WordPress you will be able to move your website in or out of Bluehost makes it very easy to move your website.

Unlimited websites email accounts and domains with a 30-day money back guarantee they are there to make you happy.

You can cancel at any time.


This Is A Very Good Hosting Company For A Small Or Large Company

That needs a website to connect with the public.

It is reasonably priced with very few up sells.

For a small company your employees should be able to create a nice and very powerful website with the ability to connect with the world.

The support staff is their to help you create and obtain just what you need.

The parent company Endurance International Group is geared towards helping small business.

Helping them to have an online presence and reaching customers around the world or even your back yard.

They have helped over five million small businesses succeed online.

Bluehost is a company with a wide range of products I will list a few.

*Shared Web Hosting

*Pro Web Hosting

*Optimized Web Hosting

*Woocommerce Hosting

*Cloud Hosting

*Reseller Hosting

*OHWP Hosting

*Dedicated Hosting


Bluepress Pros

*WordPress platform

*Meany plans to fit just what you need

*Great support

*Training to use tools with a lot of info everywhere to help you.

*Perfect for small business


Bluepress Cons

*Not for a beginner

*That is it I tried to find more.

*If you know me I don’t care if it hurts or not I’m honest.


Bluehost Tools

Each hosting plan includes WordPress built for performance reliability with a free domain instant WordPress installation,

automated updates and backups unlimited bandwidth. The 24 / 7 expert help always their to help and advise you.

WordPress is flexible if you need shared cloud, VPS or dedicated hosting it is great for all platforms.

WordPress is used by a lot of hosting company’s, it is used by 25% of all the internet.

Bluehost has thousands of themes and plugins for your website free.

With themes that help simplify the design process. It will allow you to add features with just a few clicks.

Bluehost has training to show you exactly how to design your website.

It has been proven to be stable with excellent performance trusted by millions of people and developers worldwide.

I use it and I love it.

The graphics and logos can be hard to deal with bluehost has seventeen free aps.

To help you design everything for your website to cards, posters anything you can think of and more.


Bluehost Training

When it comes to WordPress all that you need to know is there for you and easy to find and use WordPress to its full capability. Broken down to all functions you can go directly to what you need to learn.

That is nice to save time when you forget something or need to do something like plugins or to put the graphics in its just convenient.


Their whole website is set up like that EASY.

Even how to move your website to bluehost or to a different host and to transfer a domain.

With training on how to promote your website with Google analytic and SEO, graphics, emails and social media.

The videos are loud, clear and very informative easy to follow and understand.

They are full of tips and tricks to help you with all aspects from beginners guide to the best theme to use for your application.

There are lessons that will teach you how to get traffic, writing and how to track the clicks your getting.

From what is short code to how to make a blog.

The training is not setup as a university but more as you pick out what you need to know.


Bluehost Support Team

With over 750 people on the support team open 24 / 7 they are experts in their field. They are their to patiently answer all your questions and give advice on what is best for you and your website.

The phone number is every wear not hidden there for your convenience to contact real people.

There are search bars to type your question in to get answers to common questions.

Their is also a chat area wear you can ask questions the support is their for you.


Bluehost pricing

Their are a lot of different plans their are plans to fit every niche you might need.

But for hosting it is very reasonable there are so many options for companies that have a wide range of needs from massive amounts of e-mail to cloud hosting.

Dreamhost Has What You Need

Their are so many it would take 3 pages to list them its best if you are interested to go take a look.

Then call them if you are not sure they are there to fit your needs.


The prices range from $2.95 to $250.00



Bluehost My Final Opinion

Bluehost is a large company that works hard to give their community the best they can. With the support and training to learn how to operate their tools to keeping their tools up to date and powerful.

With wordpress as the platform that everything is based on their is no better way to build a website that you can depend on.

I’m not trying to sell this to you but their really isn’t anything negative to say about Bluehost.

The only thing is I don’t believe this is the place for a beginner.



My First Choice Wealthy Affiliate For A Beginner To Build A Website.


Definitely If You Want To Build A Profitable One.


Wealthy Affiliate is the place for anyone that wants to build a website

To have step by step task based lessons wear you would build one of your two free websites during the free training.

Check Out My Page Wear You Build A Website

Check Out A Video Class

First you start as a free member with free training and continue with the premium membership at the Wealthy Affiliate University you will continue to build your website.

With the premium membership you get a ton of great tools with up to #50 websites.

And all the training you will ever need with a community that is always their to answer any questions you might have.

Even the most advanced people can learn a lot from the Wealthy Affiliate community every thing they learn they share with the community.

To keep up to date things move fast if you don’t keep up your all done.

I suggest you take a look and check it out before you make any decisions their is a place for everyone at Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to have a long lasting website because you will build it yourself and know what it takes to keep it on top.

I wrote a review on them and I am impressed.    Wealthy Affiliate Scam Or What


My Second Choice Affilorama

Also I have my second choice which is affilorama for people in a hurry to get a website up and going. They guarantee if you follow his directions exactly you will have a great website making money in 2 to 6 months.

Affilorama has a lot of content ready for you to put in your own words and prewritten emails just set up to be easy. Affilorama has three free starter courses as well.

If you have any questions I would be happy to answer them.

Thank You For Checking out my website.

This Is About Me Wayne

What Is DreamHost About


What Is DreamHost About





  1. The pricing starting at $2.95 is great, but $250? Not so great… is that the renewal rate by any chance? I have heard to be careful with hosting companies, as they may lure you in with lower prices for the first year but will charge MUCH more at renewal. Does Bluehost work the same way?

    • Thank you that is for different programs they have a lot of them. They are not even close to the proper training that Wealthy Affiliate offers. I will fix that so it is clear.
      Thank You

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