How Can I Make Money Online

How Can I Make Money Online?this little square could change your life


How Can I Earn Money Online?


Those are both good questions

Affiliate marketing can help anyone who is willing to work for it this is not a one click for thousands of dollars this is not a scam.


Have you ever been scammed?

I have and I never appreciated it.


You Will Not Need A Credit Card

There is a wide range of people that this could help from a teenager to retirees. With Wealthy Affiliate you have the best company in the world to teach you.

Ranked the number one work from home online company since 2009 and they will keep that title.


The best tools and video-based classes. Take A FREE Look    Strait to lessons


Why you may ask?

Because the training and the tools that they Supply you with are the best everything is included no extra fees everything you need on one platform.

There are things you can upgrade but you will not have to.  Only if you are professional company that’s running  #50 websites.

No one person could do that.

You can start as a free member with training and two free websites on the best hosting company in the world hands down.

With the fastest servers in a true double website a mirror image on separate state of the art very fast servers if something is detected on one of your websites the other one takes over automatically.


That is for both of your free websites.

With Jaaxy included you will be able to Target low competition key phrases with high traffic this is how you will get on Google’s first page.


If There’s No Or Very Little Competition Whose First In Line.

That has always been the hardest part to get traffic Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how.

You will learn step-by-step video Based training you will have tasks to complete after each lesson.

Those tasks will be creating content for your websites no technical knowledge needed.

Your websites will be on very fast and Powerful servers the average time to build a website after you find a title on Jaaxy is 34 seconds with up to 3000 templates to choose from.

That is what takes most of the time picking the template but you can always change it easy.


Copied from the privacy policy

At Work from home we are committed to maintaining the trust and confidence of all visitors to our web site. In particular, we want you to know that Work from home is not in the business of selling, renting or trading email lists with other companies and businesses for marketing purposes.


  No Credit Card Needed


Look This up (work from home computer) searched per month #12066 likely visitors #2052 competition #22

NICE right?

I’ll take #20 more Thank you Jaaxy.

Now All You have To Do Is Target Low Competition  Key Phrases.

If you decide to continue as a premium member the first month will be $19 then $49 per month or $359 per year.Then you will write content Target in low competition keywords By the time you finish your free starter membership you will have a website with content looking pretty good.Wealthy Affiliate will teach you everything you will need to know with Hands-On training after your classes you will use what you learned to build your website on the Wealthy Affiliate platform

You can get a better deal on Black Friday.


You will know if its for you by the time you complete the free Star membership

No time limit keep your websites at Wealthy Affiliate free.

Every other company will charge you for a domain. And hosting fees with very Little included.

When you complete your starter classes you will have the knowledge to look for the best deal there is.


No One Will Beat Wealthy Affiliate.

No limit on data, mail or traffic, and as a premium member you get # 50 websites with free shared domain. There is no competition for Wealthy Affiliate. NONE

Then you will continue with the Wealthy Affiliate University it is very in-depth you will continue to build your website and learn many ways to rank on Google’s first page.


And how to prophet from your website.

No one offers what Wealthy Affiliate does no one because everything is included you will have a free shared domain hosting all the tools you’ll need and Jaaxy you could buy Jaaxy if you were not a member $ 49.00 Hmmm.

How much is the premium membership $49.00 but people that do not need a website buy it allot .

It is the best period

You can also buy domains on the platform if you wanted with a guarantee that the price won’t go up between $13 to $ 15.

You would do that to have it personalized like your name like mine.

wayneworkfromhome.com nice and clean looking no slashes numbers easy to remember.


Or you could buy domains and flip them for a profit with Jaaxy you would have to upgrade Jaaxy for that.

But working with Google, Yahoo, Bing Jaaxy will tell you what the domain is worth. That is a business all of its own just like real estate there are only so many.


You could build a profitable portfolio in no time.


Jaaxy program

That is the key Jaaxy uses ALL searches online.

*The tools are all the best at Wealthy Affiliate it is a community-based

*company with 1.4 Million members in 193 countries.

*#10,000 businesses a month created.

Kyle and Carson the co-owners will welcome you to the community when you join your free starter membership.

They would not be available to the community if people were not happy. They would be hiding that’s what I would do.


They do not hide.

There for you to contact at any time for help or advice they are very busy it will not be an immediate response but they will get back to you.


When you have questions or you get stuck the community is there to help you.

With 1,800 expert coaches and 800,000 people willing to help you answer your questions and give you advice.

The community cannot be beat they are there to encourage and help you the community is you a partner everyone else is your competition.



My Final Opinion

Do you really want to work from home and earn money online?

This is the best place to do it you will have to work for it but nothing good comes easy.


Do you want easy?

There are plenty of scams looking for you.

I also have a different company that makes it easier and faster on this link.

But it is over $700 usually over $900 it is a very good program.


This is a long-term business a job that you will enjoy and build from home.

You will be helping people that is what will be your main focus with your articles if you supply helpful information Google will love you.


With 3.75 billion people online and 600 million products and services to sell there is room for everyone take any hobby or passion and turn it into your business.

There are a lot of Wealthy Affiliate people (thousands) looking for the key phrase  (Wealthy Affiliate scam) I found one today #610 visitors per month #10 pages to compete with that is a easy first page.

My next article that is a very small visit number for me but has extreme amount of people looking for it.



You will learn all sorts of stuff like this.

You read my page lets say I did a OK job and you are interested you are going to lookup is Wealthy Affiliate a scam.

you will be at the end of your search process ready to sing up for your free starter membership.

That is exactly what I did   no lie the truth

Please bookmark me and come back through my website those guy’s have it made already big time they are making tens of thousands a month easily.



Check out the platform and the community take a free look if you don’t like it nothing lost.


You will not need a credit card to sign up

only your email and password there is no risk.


That is what got me I’ve seen so many scams where you have to pay to see the secret.

Not here Wealthy Affiliate is putting all their cards on the table they going to teach you everything you need to know to create a successful business online.

Do you have a question?

I will be happy to answer.

That helps my page with Google.

Wealthy Affiliate Is Not A Scam

Thank You





  1. So what would happen if one of my websites had a virus and the second one kicked in? When I get a second one again or would I only have one website that is up and running? Thank you k

    • Thank you for the comment and question. You would have two complete websites with two mirror images as a free starter member. If something were to happen to the first one that is running the second one would kick in automatically and have a copy made. You will always have to identical websites on two separate servers for each website that you have. AS a premium member you can have up to 50 websites. No one else offers that
      Thank you

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