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how affiliate marketing works from website to payment

Is To Have A Website With Traffic.

Truthfully there is no easy way to do that. But there’s a very good chance that you could have a successful website if you choose a great host.

There are a lot of company’s that will host a website for you.

For those of you that are already a professional then the price would be one of the most important thing to you.

With everything included on one platform and the best tools very fast servers Wealthy Affiliate can not be beat.

Most of us are not and being taught how to build a website step by step is the very important to becoming successful.

All of us need to be up to date with the newest thing on how to rank on the first page of Google. A company that has built in training in the platform can be beneficial to everyone.

Even better they give you two websites for free with the starter membership and free training to build and populate them.


FREE Training Is For Life

Learning a way to make a good living takes time and can be very expensive. Someone who goes to college for four years will have a large bill that will hang over them for years to come.

Your time would be better spent building a website the proper way to rank on Google for free by building content you would be making a good living how much?

There is no limit at Wealthy Affiliate.

In the long run and for starters the most important thing is not how much you make but how much did it cost to make it.

What is left for profit at Wealthy Affiliate they have classes #5 courses #50 classroomsthat go from starter to the most advanced and up to date for free.

As a starter the free training comes with two websites that you will build throughout your classes.

You will know all the facts before you spend a dime.

No Credit Card Needed.


When you finish your free classes you will see how it works then you can become a premium member and continue the classes that are task based.

The task based classes build your website step by step and show you how to get traffic for free well nothing is for free.

Time is what you will spend.

A premium membership is $49.00 per month $350.00. by the year. With that you will get up to fifty websites with no limit on the size of them or data.

That is more than anyone could handle by themselves fifty websites is a business with employees for the same price on the best and fastest host there is….no limit.


                                  These Are The Wealthy Affiliate Programs.

                       Very Simple One Free The Other Everything Included.


memberships one free one everything included


Everything that you will need for a successful business there are a few up grades but they are not needed for most people.


I’m Going To Explain How It Works

It is not a get-rich-quick-scam it takes time to build a great website with traffic. But once you do you are on your way your own boss.

As a starter you are an affiliate you will be able to promote Wealthy Affiliate on social media or anywhere.


Your Website

The website is the easiest part all you need to do is put in the tittle choose one out of up to tree a thousand templates which can be changed at anytime no stress. Then click on build diferent templates to usethe site the average time thirty-four seconds.

All the technical stuff is done the most important thing is speed you want the fastest servers to host you website. Google likes fast websites it will help you rank on Google.

You want it up and running all the time at Wealthy Affiliate you website will be up and running 99.9% of the time.



With a true double website a mirror image on two very powerful separate servers if there is ever a problem detected the second website will take over automatically.

The 24 /7 / 364 security they stop hacking before it happens the staff is always there to help you with any problems you might have.

Most likely something you did but that is OK. It’s nice to have a backup of everything it saved me.

After you put work into your website you do not want to loose it kinda like your phone.


Having The Proper Name For You Website Is Very Important That Will Be Your Niche.


Niche Your Flexible Friend

Check Out A Class

There are almost six hundred million services and products to sell with almost four billion people shopping online.

What you will learn is how to target niche groups

A niche is a small specialized section of the population that you will target with keywords or phrases than write an informative blog on that subject it can be anything.

Writing a blog is not hard with all the help and state of the art programming it has never been easier.

The blogs are what will bring the traffic to you websites.


JAAXY Works Like A Charm

JAAXY is a program that will find the keywords for you niche. You will type in a word or phrase and jaaxy will find relevant phrases and tell you how many searches, likely traffic toJaaxy search results you site, the competition, if it is a good one or not.

It’s like cheating when you search on Google and type in you search there is a pop down window with relevant search terms you can use these in jaaxy which is using Google. Yahoo,Bing data to get information for you.

Using this tools will let you target very low competition niches wear you can rank easier as you learn and get better you could move up to higher competition pages but you will always go after the low hanging fruit.

With jaaxy you can save lists of searches put them together for different niches than compare to get the best ones for you to use to write a blog.

That Jaaxy pic is not the best you can find titles and key words that have  one to ten pages with one-thousand visits.

That is no competition.

This is copied from my privacy policy

At Work From Home we are committed to maintaining the trust and confidence of all visitors to our website. In particular, we want you to know that Work from home is not in the business of selling, renting or trading email lists with other companies and businesses for marketing purposes.

                         Try the name of my website in here.





Write A Blog That Ranks Made Simple

When writing a blog you will already have the title by using jaaxy. Write the blog like you talking to a friend. Using word press is easy it will correct spelling, punctuation,grammar, capital letters, spaces everything.

Then publish it right there to any of your websites.

Inserting Medea is easy and putting links to wear ever you want you can link you post together or all back to one page.

That page will be your main page to sell on.authoring tool

Google doesn’t like it when blogs link to pages that sell stuff. They like informative blogs that help people With links to other informative blogs the more the better.

Doing this will help you get ranked better on Google once you have pages that are ranking high you can link them to new blogs right on Google and ask for a review and rank right away.

This can only be done ten times a month per website.

The training will go into this in depth as you go through the training you will realize that your chance for success are a lot better than you thought you get a glimpse of it in the free training

When you become a premium member at Wealthy Affiliate the classes might be tough at first don’t stop as you go through the training you will be convinced you on the right path.


There Is No Substitute For Hard Work

Nothing is for free your going to work and put in some time to get through the free training and if you put thought into it you will see that there is no reason you can’t succeed if you are willing to work for you freedom.

Wealthy Affiliate is a community based company that is there to help you every page has training and an area wear you can ask questions.

The community is always there to help with any questions and they are happy to help you.

Nothing good comes easy long term this could change you life it will be a job you will have to work if you were to put in the full 40-hour weeks from home your the boss you should be doing very well.

For those of you that like what you do it is not work I don’t like going to work I like it when I’m on my way home.

If you have any questions I will be happy to answer them.

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