How To With Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

                    The Beginning Of A Career

This page is not going to try to sell you an e-book. I am not going to teach you how to with

affiliate marketing for beginners..


Next you want to know the price?

Wayne, Bowza, Piss Willy on beach

Bowza, Piss Willy, Wayne me

I would


All of Wealthy Affiliate university classes and training are



The free membership comes with beginner classes and two websites with a lot of other benefits but this is not about that.


You could go right to a page wear I will have you build a website. With video lessons a snippet of Wealthy Affiliate University and a trial of Jaaxy a keyword tool.


The logo to the right is wear you can start free starter membership.>



What Is Affiliate Marketing

I will give you a brief description of what affiliate marketing is. Selling products for some of the largest companies to your own products this would work on a percentage of what people buy that go there from your website.

The other process is to sell services that is what I am doing to start then I will go into the products.

how affiliate marketing works from website to payment.

How it works

The service is anything from companies that manager email, Cloud hosting, hosting, websites, to management companies for large corporations that mail packages.

Where you get a percentage of all packages mailed it seemed like a quicker start to me to get profitable.

As soon as you joined Wealthy Affiliate as a free starter membership you will be an affiliate and you can sell for them. On social media Facebook, Twitter.

You can be an affiliate any amount of companies that you want to every article you write is another line of income or you can write an article with different lines of income like the best five of.

To the training.


This is About The Training That Is Available To You.


There Is A Catch Ready?

Wealthy Affiliate is going to give you all the information you will need to make an educated decision,

*Is this for me?

*Also to be able to choose the best host for your website.live classes taped to view

*You will not find a better one.

*How can you pass up free training?

*I couldn’t I tried it and it is true.

*Before you pay anything.

*You will not need a credit card to join.


What I’m going to do is give a brief description of the best free training for affiliate marketing on the worlds most powerful host.

From experts in the field that are active affiliate marketers themselves.

Wealthy Affiliate university is huge with classes for the beginner to expert. Learning will never end there is always something new to keep ahead of the competition.

The community is your partner the competition is everyone else.

The community is a big part of Wealthy Affiliate with one point four million people all with different experiences will write blogs and make videos to help the community.

Learn how to master everything, hundreds of hours with a search tool to find what you need.


Wealthy Affiliate University Works Because It’s Simple

No matter what I say there is no way you will understand how many videos, blogs, classes, live chat classes, with all previous live classes taped and easy to find. Hundreds of hours.

This course is after the free starter training.


This is one course out Wealthy Affiliate University.



The Training Itself#5 courses #50 lessons

Will begin with the free starter training when you join as a free starter member you will get two websites with site Rubix domains and hosting FREE. With access to the community and support.

NO CREDIT CARD NEEDED and no time limit.

The state of the art training at Wealthy Affiliate is not only simple it is better in every way.

When you join you will be walked through a state of the art training platform step by step.


The focus on all training is how to create a successful online business.

All of your learning experience will be live you can ask questions at the end of every lesson live chat and expert help.

The training is task based after every class you will work on content and build your website.

The community is always there to help you it is a pay it forward backwards, you will get all the benefits and one day you will help someone with a question and pay it back.

I mention this because it is a big part of learning you can ask questions on every page throughout all of Wealthy Affiliate not just the classes.

There is always a way to get help you will probably get stuck this will challenge you.


All The Classes Are Task Based

You will read a brief description of the lesson then watch a video wear you are shown step by step how to complete the tasks of the day After the video cheat notes of the video with illustrations.

At the bottom of the page is a chatroom wear you can ask questions and read previous Q & A never a limit on time you could go back years later.

Now the tasks the best part and very important. You will apply what you learned to build your own website hands on training to build your website, Cool huh?.

Not the technical part that is all done for you

average time to build a website 34 secondsJaaxy search results


To start you will find your niche then a tittle that will rank on Google  using Jaaxy.

I have to say it is like cheating using Jaaxy no other hosting company has this powerful tool.

Writing the content that will bring traffic is easy with the proper keywords and title.

Wealthy Affiliate has the best tools to create content on and edit it is so easy you will be impressed.

With just the beginner classes you will have a website with content not just a blank page.


Read my privacy policy we do NOT shear your e-mail with anyone.

Video lesson



                       Become A Premium Member

                                                 The training will continue

I am not going to get into all the benefits just a little. You will become a part of the most powerful affiliate marketing community in the world people and technology ( fact ) .

With a total of fifty websites no limits, just so you understand fifty websites is not a small business.

Back to the training the advanced training is step by step the same as beginner. You will continue to build your website after every lesson.

The training will challenge you one way or another if it doesn’t send me a piece of your first million.

I’m not going to say that you will come out of the training with a complete website you will have a great start. The thing is you will always have something new to learn at Wealthy Affiliate.

The live classes on Friday night with live chat are usually relevant to what is new. The community are always learning new ways of doing things and they share it in many ways blogs, short lessons, videos.

There is a search bar to pinpoint what you are looking for there are usually a bunch to choose from.

Your website is never complete you will continue to write content add new links to new affiliates, products, services.

That would be your job.


                                                 Two plans FREE and everything included simple.

memberships one free one everything included



No This Is Not A Get-Rich-Quick-Scam

This is an opportunity to work from home and you will work if you want to succeed you will work hard. Well as hard as you can on a computer.

Try framing houses in the winter.


This Will Take Time

O did you want sugar coating wrong guy.

The thing is if you can afford to by advertising on Google you shouldn’t be reading this page.

Wealthy Affiliate is going to teach you meany ways to rank on Googles first page that can all be used together.


One Quick Example

Links a highlighted area that takes the user to a different page. Google likes links that bring the user to a page that try’s to help the user, information. The deeper those links go the better.

Deeper that is what you will have built when doing your tasks.

You will have a matrix growing.


What Google Does Not Like

To meany Links that brings the user to a sell page.

Yes you built that to.

What you should have is many posts out there on the web bringing traffic back to your website.

Google will also take time to trust you and your content it could take more than thirty days for the first post.

With experience and built trust it could take minutes. Yes there are tricks you can use to like go to Google and ask but only ten times a month.

Step by step video and so much more you can do in Google



When you write your second post ready link it to your first post.

The Google Bart goes in to look at your first post It will follow all links it likes them.

It is good that it takes time for the first article or post it will give you time to go over it and touch it up and link to new articles.

Yes that is a task from a lesson.


FREE Keyword Search

Bowza, Piss Willy, Wayne on beach

Bowza, Piss Willy, Wayne me



What Is DreamHost About

Wealthy Affiliate Is Not A Scam




Leave  a comment that is a extra that Google loves.

I would be happy to answer any questions.

Thank you

















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