How To Work From Home Retirees

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How are you doing today my name is Wayne.

This article is going to explain how to work from home for retirees.

This is not a scam I will show you how it works no hidden secrets and you can start for free.

This is affiliate marketing now don’t let that scare you this is a business that you can build with your grandchildren.

leave it for them set them up for life the hardest part has been getting traffic.


 I am going to list titles and show you how to get traffic for free with keywords.

I have a page wear you can build a website with video lessons.

Try it

Wealthy Affiliate Scam Or What


Check This Out

How to work from home retirees : searches 9615 likely visitors 1635 competition 0

Work home retirees: searches 10333 likely visitors 1757 competition 5

How to work from home online : searches 7623 likely visitors 1296 competition 3


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With no training Jaaxy will not work as well for you but I am going to give you a free test ride on Jaaxy.

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Video on keywords


                                     No credit card needed


Jaaxy will be free when you start your free membership.Jaaxy dashboard

I found all these titles in 1/2 hour this morning using a very powerful tool called Jaaxy.

I wrote an article on Jaaxy so I won’t get into it too much here.

Take a look

Jaaxy is a program that uses all internet searches and shows how many searches in the last month on that key phrase

how many likely visitors you will get to that page and what the competition is.

Now if there is no competition or very little that is good you will rank very well on Google and other search engines.

With new information.

This is what they call low hanging fruit.


Blogging Is Fun

Then you write an article on that key phrase using it as a title and also using it in the first few paragraphs of your content.

You will write content to help people and this can help a lot of people.

I have been looking for a job that I could do online for years there are a lot of scams.

Have you been scammed?

leave a comment at the bottom of the page.

I think I found them all this is why I want to spread the word about Wealthy Affiliate.

The thing with scams you have to pay before you even know what it is right?

Wealthy Affiliate will let you take it for a free test ride kick the tires.


Video on content blogs, articles


Check Out The Community

All you will need is a password and your email address.

You will get a starter membership in the number one racked online company to work from home in 2009 and every year since then.

You will get the free starter training and two websites free.

When you become a starter member you become a affiliate could put Wealthy Affiliate on social media.

I will show you how when you start it is easy.


Step By Step Task Based Training

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Will show you how to use the programs how to find keywords and phrases and live classes taped to viewalso how to get around the platform.

With every live class there is a place wear you can ask questions or read previous questions.


You Can Go Back To Any Class At Any Time.

You will learn how to write the content you will build your website with content throughout the training.

The website itself is very easy everything is built in the average time to build a website is 34 seconds it is very powerful and fast which is important to rank on Google.

Wealthy Affiliate is a community-based company with 1.4 million people the co-founders Kyle and Carson are right there for you to contact at anytime.

When you join they will welcome you with an email you will be able to contact them at any time if this was a scam I would hide and not be there to be harassed.

The community is there to help you if you get stuck or need advice they are your partners in this endeavor.

With 800,000 people 1,800 expert coaches willing to help you it is like a classroom of teachers for every student they are always there and willing to help you.


The Support From Wealthy Affiliate Is Excellent They Are Always There 24 / 7 Year Round.


Your website will be up and running 99.9% of the time with a true double website on two separate servers if one has a problem the other one kicks in automatically a true mirror image.


That is very important especially for a beginner when you blow up your website they will have it up and running for you in minutes. How do I know that I did it.

Wealthy affiliate encourages you to ask questions and network with the community when you ask a question you will probably get two or three answers.

Pleas if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask at the bottom of this page. I will be happy to help.

It is a Pay It Forward backwards you get all the benefits and one day you will help someone that’s the way it should be.

You will be getting advice from experts in the field very successful affiliate marketers wealthy affiliate is a large part of all affiliate marketing online. FACT

learn how to build a successful online business

You will be surprised how many older people there are in the community make some friends.

All the tools and programs are the best in the business wealthy Affiliate is the only hosting company that has Jaaxy anyone can buy it.

Jaaxy will be included with free membership and also the premium membership you will not find a better company to host your business.

There is one catch with the free wealthy Affiliate University you will go through the free training if it is for you.

Then you will stay in the community the monthly fee is $49 yearly is $359 the first month you join you will get a discount it will only be $19.

With the premium membership you get access to the full community all tools and up to 50 websites every grandchild can have one unless you’re lucky enough to have more than 50 grandchildren.

These are the programs even this is simple some hosting company’s have to many it gets confusing.


                  Wealthy Affiliate supplies everything for one low price.


                                       These are the programs and what is included.


                                Very Simple One Free The Other Everything Included.



memberships one free one everything included


I have a page on Wealthy Affiliate.



Free Traffic The Only Way

OK If one article brings in 1635 visitors and you have #20 that is a lot of traffic and if you have 100 articles you will have a huge amount of traffic.

This is the hard part I have looked around for many years and this is where it is always difficult.

This is where you usually get scammed where you have to bother your friends I never found a company that made this part easy on till now.

I have articles on different hosting companies


Wealthy Affiliate Is By Far The Best.

The training is the most important part they don’t leave anything out it is video based.

Everything the community learns they write articles and share with the community you will always be kept up-to-date with the latest thing and how to get the most out of your website.

There is a search bar to find what you are looking for I usually start there when I have a question or want to learn something extra.

This is a business that you will build and own you can leave it to a family member and set them up for life now this is not a one click for thousands of dollars.

This is a real business that you will have to work for you will be challenged one way or another this is where a great Community comes in they are there to help you encourage you, really take a free ride.

You will see the truth you will not need a credit card just your email address and a password the training will begin.


When You Get Through The Free Training

you will have a website set up with content if you believe this is for you then you will become a premium member.

Then continue with the Wealthy Affiliate University in the field you want to go in you can have a website that you sell products for a company like Amazon or any other company in any field that you enjoy.

Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to find a niche in any subject.

The niche is a small part of a large subject that is where you will find your keywords it can be anything dieting, fishing, gardening anything you enjoy or something you want to learn about.

Or you can go in to the service area where you write articles on companies and get a commission when people join.

You can become an affiliate for as many as you can write about.

That is what I am doing here so please if you leave this site to see if Wealthy Affiliate is a scam please come back to my site to start your free training BOOKMARK ME.

You will find a lot of articles on Wealthy Affiliate is a scam those are all Wealthy Affiliate members they will tell you how good Wealthy Affiliate is.

You will learn why well the thing is you will try to target the end of someones search when they are ready to buy. There are a lot of things you will learn and say OK I see.

Those site owners are already wealthy they have all of us sending people to there site please come back.

When you Cruise the internet you are on a large amount of Wealthy Affiliate websites if you join you will see when you get back online and look around you’ll say oh my there’s so many of them they’re everywhere and they are.


You Have Nothing To lose Grab A Website Start Your Training See If You like It.

It is not hard everything is there for you to learn thank you very much for visiting my page wish you the best of luck hope to see you in the community.

I will be there to help you as well.

Thank You


WORK FROM HOME   That is about my experiences online.



When your grandchildren go to college they will come out with a huge bill over their head. Then most likely have to work for someone who dose’t really care about them.

A young person is very good at this they could have a very profitable business before college. Work for someone who has their best interest for them themselves.

With 50 websites it could be a large company or just what they need to have a great life. And not a lot of hours a week once it is going good.



  1. Very imformative.. like how straight forward all the sites show step by step.

    • Thank you
      There is so much in wealthy affiliate it’s hard to put it all on one page. The free starter membership is very good for people who are undecided because there is no obligation.
      The starter training will show you how it’s done in detail and how to rank on Google for free.
      Thank you

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