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Hi my name is Wayne that’s me in the picture with my puppies.

I spent a long time and a lot of money trying to find a job online.

There are a lot of scams out there it feels like I found them all.


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How to work from home on the computer?

Well I found some and I would like to share them with you. Why is it so hard to find a good decent honest person online to tell the truth.

There are a few articles on different hosting companies at the top of page.

That is what I’m going to do and if you don’t believe me then read on. One reason we can not find how to work at home on the computer is because we are looking for an easy way.


There is no easy way but it is definitely possible.


I have two very good and legitimate company’s some programs are a little more time-consuming than others.

The thing is we all would do it the easy way that is not always the best thing.

These are large company’s they will teach you how to do it step by step. FREE



I’m going tell you what it is no hidden secrets that you will find on the next page.how affiliate marketing works

Other than a real opportunity

I have nothing to lose by telling you the truth I’m going to try to steer you in the right direction.

On what is the best fit for you.

At the bottom of this page there is a comment area if you ask me for help to choose one.

I will be happy to help you

That is why I’m doing this is about helping people that is what you will learn.

I will be in the community at Wealthy Affiliate to help and answer questions.


OK enough BS




I’m going to explain how it works then you can choose your direction.


Affiliate marketing is a wide range of different areas to go in I am going to explain a few.

They all work if you can get people to see your content.

One way is to have a website to sell products for  a company like Amazon for a commission. There are almost #600,000000 million products and services to choose from.

Another way is to sell services and there are plenty you do not only sell one every article is another product or service some pay monthly for the full term of membership.

That is the most important thing you will learn how to get traffic anybody can do it if they by advertising But that is expensive.

That is the easy way out again.

Have you ever tried this?

All these programs will teach you how to get free traffic and no your not going to bother your friends.

This is exactly how it works the title of this article is a key phrase I found with a tool called Jaaxy.

You type in a word or key phrase it will tell you how many people searched that term for the last thirty days and the competition.

This title was searched last month #11882 times my traffic to this page should be #2020 visits per month the competition #0 fact.

Google likes new information.

Now all you will have to do is find them this one took about twenty minutes but I have six different ones.

Read my privacy policy we do not share your email with anyone.

                        This is from Wealthy Affiliate University

                                      This is a video on keywords

                                                  Try Jaaxy



Wealthy Affiliate is the only one with Jaaxy.


Jaaxy dashboard

Not all are #0 but close to that. Did I say the traffic was free it isn’t completely free your time is what you will have to spend.


This is not a get-rich-quick deal you will have to put in time and work for it but that is what you are looking for work.


It will take thirty days for Google to index your content and even longer to trust you.

That is OK It will give you time to build content and link them together then Google will see everything you did up to that point.

When Google does trust you it can happen in minutes you can even ask Google to check it out for you in Google analytics you will learn all that.

The way you will get traffic is called a funnel you are in mine.

This is one article now the more you have the better right?

So if I get two-thousand from this article and I have twenty of them that is forty-thousand visits per month.

And there are better ones that I have already.

The title of this article is a niche there are millions of them room for every body.

Do you have a passion or hobby you would love to share or teach people about?

This is the best way to get traffic even better than buying it.

No mater what program you choose.






Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is the best one by far with the FREE starter membership

you will have two websites and classes at the best online affiliate university.

Step by step training task based you will build your website while learning.


Hands on learning.

The website itself takes on average thirty-four seconds you will be taught how to build content to bring traffic to your website.

Wealthy Affiliate is a community based company everything they do is to make it better for them.

The thing about the community is they are there to help you.

The community is your partner everyone else is the competition.

calendar of live classes

Friday night live class

With eight-hundred-thousand people willing to help you it is like a  classroom of teachers for every student.

You will be able to get help on every page live.

        Video on building a website



Now this is something you will learn links that bring you to another page with information for you is good.

Links that bring you to a page that only sells stuff is not good for ranking on Google.

Google likes helpful information.

Now if you go to see if this is a scam please come back to my page to log in to the free training for any program you choose all those scam pages you will find are the Wealthy Affiliate community.

Those folks are already wealthy.

That is a key phrase that works. Why?




This Is Not A Scam.


These hosting company’s are all legit.

With free training you have nothing to lose.

You will not need a credit card at Wealthy Affiliate for starter membership

just email and password.

And this is not to sell stuff this is not an email collection.

Wealthy Affiliate does not sell your email, nothing more aggravating than that. They are a legitimate company that has morals.

Just to mention Wealthy Affiliate is a large percent of all affiliate marketing online with one point four million people in the community.


The number one online work from home company since 2009 fact.

Including the co founders Kyle and Carson which are right there to message for help.

They would not be put their profile right in front of you if it was a product people were not happy with.

There is always someone to help you no mater what time it is.


                                Wealthy Affiliate pricing plans very simple two plans one free the

                                                      other you get everything one low price.


memberships one free one everything included





With all of these companies’s there are many different programs to choose from. I am here to help you if you get confused.

Just ask at the bottom of any page I will be happy to help or answer any questions.

I’m going to talk about one program in particular the Jetpack it is over seven-hundred dollars.

Like I said everyone wants

the easy way out this is the one.Affilorama logo autopilot

The Jetpack is a program that is the same as all, you will need content but they have cheat sheets twenty articles per niche.

You will get five websites and eighteen niches to choose from each with 20 cheat sheets and three e-books.

Then you will take the cheat sheets and write the articles or hire a professional that they have for you to use.


See what I mean easy way but you will pay.


Now you get traffic and they are going to put their email address in to get the free e-book they are all in very popular niches like dieting.

Lazy again not a bad thing there are a hundred emails all written out and sent automatically for a year.

They are informative and build trust between you and the customer.

Here comes the sales pitch the emails will suggest things to help them and that they can buy.

One problem I have with this is that it is sneaky bad start I would opt out on first email.


There are also free training classes with free websites at Affilorama three different ones.


The drawback to the Jetpac is you will not learn how to write the articles with research and all.


But they guarantee if you do exactly as told and don’t make money they will give your money back plus one hundred dollars.

I have a page on Affilorama to check out with more detail on Affilorama.

Click here



    Wealthy Affiliate

link to my page on  Wealthy Affiliate

check out my page on them you will be impressed with the free training and build a website with video lessons right on my page.


The only thing that will hold you back is fear and your self it is all there for you and on my next page you will see there are free things I can give you.

Good luck hope to see you in the community.

I’ll be there to help you.

Do you have any questions? Ask at the bottom of any page.

This page is about my online experiences About Wayne

Wealthy Affiliate Is Not A Scam

Thank You



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