Wealthy Affiliate Is Not A Scam



     Wealthy Affiliate Is Not A Not A Scam


All the websites on the first page of your Google search ( is Wealthy Affiliate a scam ) are from the Wealthy Affiliate community.


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Fact Wealthy Affiliate has a huge part of all affiliate marketing online.

All these Wealthy Affiliate is a Scam websites are going to tell you how good it is and why you won’t find a website that says it is because it is not a scam.

It may not be for everyone but with a free look to see what it is all about you have nothing to lose by trying it.

Wealthy Affiliate has been ranked the number one work                                                                                 at home online business every year since 2009

                  No Credit Card Needed.

we can teach anyone how to build a successful online business


You Can Learn How To Do Anything

With free step by step classes Wealthy Affiliate is putting all their cards on the table for you to see. That is what got me can’t hurt to look you will not need a credit card to take the free starter class.

If you really want to work from home with unlimited potential Wealthy Affiliate is willing to train you to be the best you can.


Video Classes

All the classes start with a brief introduction to the class then a video with step by step instructions. Showing you how to navigate the Wealthy Affiliate platform and build your website.

They will teach you how to find a niche, content, keywords. After the video cheat notes a breakdown on what the video was about with the tasks of the day.

There is also a chat area for every lesson wear you can ask for

help or read the Q & A that other students asked.


Task Based Learningboot camp courses #7


Check Out A Course


At the end of each lesson their are tasks to be completed which were covered in the lesson. You complete the tasks and move on to the next lesson.


These tasks are building your website up so even after the free training you will have a website up and running with content.

When you upgrade to premium the advanced classes start you will continue to build your website throughout the training.

The Wealthy Affiliate community is always there to help you. When you go to school of any kind there is one maybe two teachers for the class.

With the eight-hundred-thousand people in the community willing to help you Sometimes you will get two or three answers for a question.


There are 1,800 expert coaches to answer any questions you have.


Wealthy Affiliate has a class of teachers for every student.


making money online isn't magic


Wealthy Affiliate Is The Place For Success.

With the best platform in the world for affiliate marketing to create a successful business with state of the art programming to create and maintain it.

With all the training you will ever need live classes every Friday night on different subjects that you can ask questions and get live answers.

These classes are all taped for people that could not make the class their are hundreds to watch on file.


Creating A Websitesteps to build a website free domain, choose title, choose template, build

That is the easiest part it is all automated the average time is thirty-four seconds. With everything built in and very high speed, email,search engine optimizer, and security.

A true double website wear Wealthy Affiliate will have two mirror images of every website on different servers  if  a problem is detected the other takes over automatically if  something happens it is up and running right away.

The something is usually you I blew up my website Wealthy Affiliate had it back within minutes which saved me from catastrophe.


Turn It Into A Cash Machine

This is what most of the training is focused on. How to create content that is captivating and informative. Blogs that are appealing with pictures, banners and just set up right for the customer.

To get ranked on the first page of a google search for free. I have looked into affiliate marketing before meany times this was always the catch getting traffic to your website. Which brings us to the first thing you will need.


Finding A Niche

A niche can be anything that you want something you love sports, gardening, or something you are interested in learning about.

I suggest to start with something you know about. It would be easier to learn the process of populating your website and give you good experience.


Research Niche With JaaxyJaaxy dashboard

After you find niche you will need to get keywords and phrases that get good traffic on google. This can be done using google search type in a word see what pops down for relevant searches.

Do this a few times to get ideas then at Wealthy Affiliate their is a program called JAAXY.


This is Copied Right out of privacy policy for this and all of Wealthy Affiliate websites.

At Work from home we are committed to maintaining the trust and confidence of all visitors to our web site. In particular, we want you to know that Work from home is not in the business of selling, renting or trading email lists with other companies and businesses for marketing purposes.

Nothing like getting a inbox full of poop. right?

                                                Keyword Niche Video 

                                        TRY IT FOR A WEBSITE NAME




                                              No Credit Card Needed

This program will analyze the keywords and phrases give you up to thirty more and tell you how meany searches, traffic,competition, whether it is good or poor.

I Have An Article On Jaaxy


Jaaxy is very powerful and works with all information from google, Bing, Yahoo.


THIS IS HOW YOU GET RANKED FOR FREE.how affiliate marketing works website to payment.


Your goal is to get on the first page of a google search then work your way up to the top.

When you find the niche you want to go with you will find a phrase on Jaaxy. That will have a good amount of visitors and low competition.


Example: “How to work from home computer” how many times it was searched last month #11882 the likely visitors to that page #2020 the competition #0


This is how you get ranked high on Google now write #20 of them # 40,000 and that title took five minutes to get.


This is what Wealthy Affiliate is good at teaching you how to get a high ranking on Google.

Wealthy Affiliate Owns  Google  Ranking.

When you are online there is a good chance you are on W.A. website.affiliate boot camp courses#7

Would you like to have a website?

I have a page wear you can build one with video lessons.

Build A Website


Wealthy Affiliate Is A Large Percent Of  All Affiliate Marketing

Online goes through the Wealthy Affiliate community (THAT IS A FACT) with 1,400,000 million people and many more sites ( as a premium member you get fifty websites as a free starter member you get two websites.)

If you are going to have the best chance at being successful you need to be in the best community Wealthy Affiliate has a proven record of success.

Starting 10,000 company’s a month in 193 countries 50,000 independent authority bloggers ranked

Wealthy Affiliate the best company online since 2009.

That is a title they will keep, always upgrading to be the best.


To have the chance to work with some of the most successful affiliate marketers in the industry is priceless.

                      Wealthy Affiliate is a community based company it is all about you.


                                         There Are Two Option Of Membership

                                     One Free   The Other   Everything Included.

                    No Up Sells There Are Two But Not Needed For Most People.


memberships one free one everything included

                                                           Simple Like It Should Be


With access to the co-founders Kyle and Carson

The community is there to help and encourage you create a successful business online.

It is all up to you affiliate marketing is not for everyone but with the step by step classes from the founder Kyle anyone can do this.


With a Free Starter Membership you will know if this is for you with no risk.

I will be there to help you.

Kyle and Carson are right there you can contact them at any time.online entrepreneur certification courses #5

That says something if I had a product that people were not happy with I would make it difficult to find me.

To be able to ask the owners for help is not herd of well they may say it but these guys live it.

They are very busy it will take time but you will get an answer from them.

The community is there to answer quickly.


Why Is Wealthy Affiliate Not A Scam

Wealthy Affiliate has been ranked the #1 work from home online business since 2009 fact.

Wealthy Affiliate has not had a price increase in twelve years and at $49.00 per month or $359.00 a year it is very reasonable and can not be beat. 

There are better yearly deals on black Friday.


All included with your membership you will not have to leave the platform for anything.


Check out my review on Wealthy Affiliate for all the details.

We Will Build A Website With Video Lessons

steps to build a website free domain, title, choose template build


The 24 \ 7 \ 365 monitoring and support your website will be open for business and running 99.9 % of the time on very fast state of the art servers.

The WordPress platform your website will be built on is improved for security and interactive (email) and many other modifications  to improve speed this company can not be beat. Prove me wrong

With a true double website a mirror image on two separate servers if one detects a problem the second website takes over automatically no down time.

Stopping 27 million hacking attempts last year.

You will get all the support you and your websites will ever need by some of the most successful people online.

Wealthy Affiliate owns Google ranking FACT.

If you join after you take a good look at the websites when you look around the web twitter any wear you will see Wealthy Affiliate every wear.



Wealthy Affiliate is always upgrading the system to stay ahead of competition and training for newest and better ways to profit.


FREE STARTER TRAINING You have nothing to lose to give it a try.


wealthy affiliate university


Have You Ever Wanted To Work From Home?

If you ever wanted to work from home be your own boss have unlimited potential this can do it. You will be challenged you will put in time and work for it.

I have always worked hard started framing houses ran my own crew for meany years. The past few years I have had an easy job as a foreman but always busy and stressful.

Earning as much as I could for the company why ??

No matter what you do you will be working not enjoying it at all at their time and rules.


*Make your own hours?

*Set your own rules?

*Be your own boss?

*When it starts to pay off  it’s yours

The weird thing is people have a fear of success it’s true. CLICK ON IT.

When you join your FREE Starter Account, I am going to offer you a bonus when you do decide to become a PREMIUM member in the first 7 days.

That is the policy but I took a lot longer and got it.

Wayne, Bowza, Piss Willy on the beach

Bowza, Piss Willy, Wayne me

You will get a 59% discount When you create your account at Wealthy Affiliate.

I will be contacting you to show you how to get help from me, and how to claim your bonus.

Hint it will give you a 10 year look at Kyle’s experience creating Wealthy Affiliate and mentor ship. 

I will also give you a look into any premium program that you might be interested in here is one.

I will show you how to promote Wealthy Affiliate as a starter member.


FREE Jaaxy Trial







Wealthy Affiliate banned more countries from joining the free member due to continuous hacking from those countries. Now members from seven countries (India, Philippines, Pakistan, Vietnam, Bangladesh and Egypt) can’t join as a free member. However, they can still join as a premium member in WA.

Nigeria has been banned completely due to hacking my second choice would be Affilorama Good luck. They also have free training in many different programs.



  1. Hello Wayne, thank you for the info. On getting my web page going. I’m new to this and just want to confirm that this program will walk me through the who process? Thank you

    • Yes it is step by step. I have traumatic brain injury and they walked me through it. I had a very hard time you just have to be persistent. I have a page wealthy affiliate scam or what that will walk you through building a website with videos and wealthy affiliate tools I will put it here for you.

      You can also get to it at the top of this page.

      If you have any more questions I would be happy to answer them.
      Thank you

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