Wealthy Affiliate Scam Or What

                     Wealthy Affiliate Scam Or What


Your question is Wealthy Affiliate scam or what? No Absolutely Not


Can I Work From Home And Become Wealthy? YES if you are willing to work for it.


How about how can I make money online ?

With free step-by-step video and task based classes from the most powerful training platform in the world .picture of boot camp classes


In this article I am going to explain to you exactly how it works and show you with video classes and tools.

You can click on the link to the right for

FREE Starter Membership.


Unless you want to build a website for free read on.


This is a free program with two websites and everything you need to build them.

I will explain and show you in this article how it works no secrets.


We Are Going To Build A Website Now.

First I will explain what is affiliate marketing .

how affiliate marketing works from website to payment

How it works

With 3.75 billion people online searching for everything.

And close to six hundred million products and services you can promote and sell.

Through affiliate programs you will be able to represent some of the largest companies in the world.


And collect commissions.

You will find a small part of a large category and write an article on it using a tool named Jaaxy


I will show you exactly how it works.



You will be taught how to write an article on that subject that ranks very well in Google, Bing, Yahoo we say Google only because it is the largest one by far when I say Google I mean all of them.

You will write articles and build your website through all the training that is some of the tasks.


Now We Go Through The Process And I Will Show You.

How to build a website.steps to build a website domain title choose template build

Just play along and you will have a website at the bottom of this article with a title that will rank on Google.

No secrets here you will see everything before you spend a dime or even give up your credit card number.

Please bookmark my page in case you get lost on the platform.

And if you sign up for the free starter membership could you please do it through my website.

I will get credit for it and if you do decide to become a premium member I would get a percentage of the fee as an affiliate.

Thank you.

I could use a break I did not work the whole year of 18 had two concussions at work fighting workman’s compensation to get paid.


You Need To Find A Niche

Start with something you like fishing, dieting, food just pick something you like.description of Jaaxy keyword, avg. searches,likely visitors, seo. score

You could start at Google and type in a subject you like fishing it will have the drop-down menu with the most relevant searches.

Stop before you finish typing look at them finish typing see what changed write all these down that is a bunch of keywords we will use these in Jaaxy.


Here is a video from the wealthy affiliate University on how to find a niche and keywords.

This is copied from my privacy policy

At Work From Home we are committed to maintaining the trust and confidence of all visitors to our website. In particular, we want you to know that Work from home is not in the business of selling, renting or trading email lists with other companies and businesses for marketing purposes.

                                                                           Keyword video 

                                                                                    Try Jaaxy



                                                          No credit card needed anywhere

Now you see how that works it takes all searches on Google Bing Yahoo puts them all together and gives you the information you need to rank for free on Google.

The co-founder Kyle has used almost every keyword Search tool and built Jaaxy to fit our needs nothing else performs like Jaaxy.


The Website Is Your Foundation

The foundation of your business will be your website you will have one of the most powerful servers in the world that is very important on Google ranking.

They like to see speed consistency and reliability that is what Wealthy Affiliate has by far.

Building the website itself is the easiest part average time 34 seconds no technical knowledge needed only a keyboard this is how you do it go here and build a website.

*Now you will type in your title.support ticket from site support

*Choose a free domain.

*Pick a template.

*Click on build website.

*Check out at the bottom of the lesson wear there is one out of many.    places to ask questions.

*And the tasks to go with the lessons.

        Here is a video:



           BUILD A WEBSITE


*This website can be easily deleted just have fun.

*The template can always be changed no stress.

*You can delete and start again.

We can teach anyone how to build a website.

Done Your Website Is Built

With the best search engine optimizer that does all the work for you to rank on Google with good content of course it will guide the Google bot through your website and content like a real estate agent pointing out the good features.

On the improved WordPress as the foundation with very fast servers.

All websites at Wealthy Affiliate have an exact mirror image hosted on separate very powerful server.

If a problem is detected on your websites the other one takes over automatically.

Your website will be up and running 99.9% of the time very fast average load time for your page is 1.4 seconds. People don’t like to wait for pages to load and Google loves it fast.

The program that your website will be built on WordPress is modified and improved by Wealthy Affiliate experts to make it better faster easier to use.


This is very important you work hard for it you do not want to loose it.

Yes that is possible on other host companies.


Now You Will Have To Write The Content, Articles, Blogs.

Here is a video from the wealthy affiliate University on how to write the content.

How is my writing?

Please leave comment.

Does writing content intimidate you?

This part seemed scary to me and I am not a writer but it is easier than you would think.


Remember I am just taking a video out of an entire course the training is complete.

You can see in that video the authoring tool is very easy to use and to publish your article directly to your website.authoring tool

You will be taught to write your content very quickly and not worry about it just publish it at first because it will not be indexed into Google.

In the later training they show you that it is much easier to fine-tune your articles in the back office. It is the same with unlimited options like #50,000 widgets new block format crazy.

The co-owners are using the same platform as the community they are allover the internet.


I Went Through This Very Quick

The Wealthy Affiliate University will take you step-by-step through the process with task-based lessons you will be building your website while learning.

I only picked one lesson out of usually around 10 per course depending on which program you pick there two different programs a business selling products and a affiliate program services.


As a free starter member you will get the basic training.affiliate #6 classrooms

You will learn enough to know if this is for you or not. You will have all the knowledge you need to make an educated decision.

Is Wealthy Affiliate the place for me to learn how to create a successful business online?

Do I want to work for it?

You will rank on Google first page if you’re willing to work for it.


This is a business that you will build just like any business.

If you have any chance of success you will need a great hosting company to train you guide you give you the best tools to succeed with. Wealthy Affiliate is the only company that includes everything you will need for a successful business at one low price.



                                    These are the programs and what is included.


                            Very Simple One Free The Other Everything Included.


memberships one free one everything included

No Limits On Success At Wealthy Affiliate.

Remember you will get two free websites and all the starter training at Wealthy Affiliate University.

If you decide to continue and become a premium member you can have up to 50 websites that is something no one person could handle that is a good size company.

With most hosting company’s there are limits on data, traffic, e-mail no one offers you 50 websites for that small fee.


I am a little biased but the truth is there is no competition for wealthy affiliate they standalone in the industry.

The creator of WordPress which is the Builder of your website will offer you one free website.

But you can not use it without a domain and hosting those are free at Wealthy Affiliate well included.

If you do get serious and want to make this work the one thing you might want to buy off the platform very easily is a domain.

You can see mine Wayneworkfromhome.com they are between 13 and $15 with a guarantee that the price will not go up that is per year.

This is not something that you have to do but my website name is very easy to remember no slashes numbers dots arrows just a nice clean name.
wealthy affiliate logo

Check it out

look at different pages but please come back through mine when you become a starter member.

I will help you give you information that will help you.

And be there when you need questions answered.

When you become a starter member Kyle and Carson will send you an e-mail welcoming you to the community.

They are right there in the community you could contact them at any time with a question they will get back to you but they are very busy.

The community and coaches are always there to answer questions quickly.


The Technical Support Team

Are there 24/7 to help with any technical problems the experts in the field kind, courteous, professional and very quick.

So what do you have for questions?

How long before I make money?

Can I do it?

Some people will catch on and be quicker than others you can make money as soon as you become a member.

I will tell you how then but you will put it on your social media maybe a paragraph and a link to Wealthy Affiliate.

Google will take up to #30 days just to rank your first page.

I will give you Secrets when you become a member that will help you.

It will also take time for Google to trust you. You will produce good quality content with information to help people.

When Google trust your content your articles can be indexed in minutes.

Wealthy Affiliate will teach you all the secrets I will tell you right away with a letter how to promote right away.

I will be there for you to answer your questions and help you.

When you succeed my job will be done.


Can I Do It?

let me start by saying I have never felt more stupid in my life having two concussions and traumatic brain injury.

I cannot remember poop called (CRS) and I worked through it with help from the community so I feel that anyone can do this.


This is our road to success.


My Final Opinion

For some reason people have a fear of succeeding if you are going to succeed with a business online this is the place for it.

No doubt in my mind I am an honest person and if this was BS. I would tell you.

The only drawback on Wealthy Affiliate is that you do not always get a complete answer to your problem in the live chat.

You have to explain exactly what your issue is to get the proper answer.

Search Bar For Questionssearch bar to ask questions

At the top of the homepage there is a search bar you can type in any question you have. It will bring up a bunch of tutorials that are relevant some from the University and a lot of them from the community.

When they run into a problem or find something newer and better they will write a blog make a video to help the community. They are your partner everyone else is your competition they are there to help you.

I always start with the search bar when I have a question or want learn something new.


My suggestion is keep in contact with me.

picture of wayne bowza a golden doodle died my buddy and piss willy died love him a wiseguy on the beach sitting

Bowza, Piss Willy, Wayne me

Network in the community find people that have been there a long time follow them they will send you a very nice message telling you if you have any issues they will help you.

Make a couple of friends in there that you can rely on.

Easy to do in this community and I will give you a couple of names to follow.

There is so much information on the Wealthy Affiliate platform on Friday nights they have a live class online with interactive questions and answers they are always on subjects that are relevant and what’s going on.

As a starter member you will not be able join in but you could always watch over #400 taped ones.

Hope to see you in the community I will be there to help you thank you for checking out my website.

Good Luck.

If you have any questions I would be happy to answer them.

It helps with Google ranking having an interactive website.




Online Jobs For Teens

Thank you




Wealthy Affiliate banned more countries from joining the free member due to continuous hacking from those countries. Now members from seven countries (India, Philippines, Pakistan, Vietnam, Bangladesh and Egypt) can’t join as a free member. However, they can still join as a premium member in WA.

Nigeria has been banned completely due to hacking my second choice would be Affilorama Good luck. They also have free training in many different programs.

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