What Is DreamHost About

dreamhost save forty presentWhat Is DreamHost About

DreamHost is a company that host websites designed for the entrepreneur who dosn’t mind spending a little more for lightning fast speed, page load time. FREE website and training check it out Click Here.

With the simplicity of the operating system you will spend less time setting up the website plugins and marketing tools. DreamHost would be good for a business that needs a website you can get a plan to fit.

DreamHost also benefits a websites with over 100,000 visitors a month there are experts with word press to build solutions to meet your expectations.

DreamHost is for people who have experience and looking for a host that makes their tools easy and saves you time.

Training and tools

The tools at DreamHost are probably the best part with a powerful word press tools and reconfigured automatic word press security updates to protect from new vulnerabilities.

With a custom control panel one click plugins and marketing tools makes it quick and easy. Battle tested plugins and themes installed with every website saves you time.

Word press hosted on cloud boosts allows for lightning fast page load time. DreamHost has a program that lets you design a page and then install the text kind of cool.

The training at DreamHost they have a large amount of training which is targeted mostly at word press to teach everything you will need to know to use it efficiently.

For those of you who need to learn about content, niches, affiliate marketing this is not for the beginner I will give you the best site with free training for the beginner at the bottom of the page.

The Support Team


The support team are real people who are word press experts that are attentive and approachable devoted to your success.

With 24 / 7 award-winning support they are always there for you. The 100% up time. DreamHost backs up your website daily with built in safeguards to protect your website before things happen.

The support team is also there to help you with custom solutions when you have a lot of traffic.

DreamHost Pricing




Great for small WordPress sites, and anyone

Bowza, Piss Willy, Wayne me on the beach

Bowza, Piss Willy, Wayne me

who is looking for an affordable WordPress

solution. Start with Shared WordPress

Hosting and easily upgrade to DreamPress

when ready.

Starting at just



  • Shared Hosting Server
  • 1 WordPress Website
  • Unlimited Traffic
  • Fast SSD Storage
  • SSL Certificate Preinstalled
  • Upgrade to Add Email
  • 24/7 Support
  • Daily Backups

High Performance


DreamPress Plus

DreamPress Pro

Powerful WordPress Hosting for sites & businesses they

expect performance. DreamPress comes with built in

tools and is optimized for WordPress.

Starting at just



  • Fast Cloud Server
  • 1 WordPress Website
  • 10k Monthly Site Visitors
  • 30GB SSD Storage
  • SSL Certificate Preinstalled
  • Email Hosting
  • 24/7 Support
  • Daily Backups w/ 1-click Restore
  • Jetpack Free Preinstalled

When it comes to pricing you get what you need as your website grows you can work your way up to DreamPress pro. At $79.95 there are a few plans between the ones above and the pro version.

These plans could be helpful to a growing company or website. What I didn’t like is you only get one website and storage is limited.

When you have lots of traffic ( over 100,000 ) or you need an agency plan they will work with you to build a custom managed word press solution to meet your needs.


Final Opinion of DreamHost

DraemHost definitely has value to the right customer but not for all. The word press is lightning fast which is very important for page load time.

The one click plugins and marketing tool makes it quick and easy to use the custom control panel will save you time managing your website .

Security and support team to keep your website up and running 100% of the time guaranteed if there is down time they compensate you.

Finally, the ninety-seven-day money back guarantee you will know if it is a good fit for you with no risk.


The Hosting Site For Everyone

Beginners And Professionals

Classes For Every Level

The Wealthy Affiliate community of one point four million people are a Huge Part of all affiliate marketing… fact… It is the best program for beginners with the free training no credit card needed…

The free training starts with two free websites that they teach you how to populate with task based video training. I say populate because the average time to build a complete website with every thing built in, and up to 3,000 templates to choose from is 34 seconds.

With the task based training you will be building up content on your free websites with every lesson.

The free training will teach how to get ranked on googles first page by using content, niche, keywords and how to find keywords and tittles for your blogs and websites with a program named jaaxy.


Jaaxy is a tool that works with google searches every time someone searches for anything it is saved. What jaaxy does is tell you how meany times that word or phrase is searched per month how meany likely visits to that page and what the competition is.

A very powerful tool it is not that hard to find a phrase that will bring 1,000 visitors per month with very low competition. This is how you get traffic for free.

Wealthy Affiliate will teach you step by step with state of the art training by one of the co founders Kyle how to be a successful Affiliate marketer in what ever your niche might be.

The training and live classes can’t be beat for every level to keep you ahead of the competition. There are hundreds of the live classes taped to watch.


Check Out A Class

The best part wealthy affiliate is community based you can get help with any questions from any page from experts in the community they are always happy to help.

With a true double website up and running 99.9% of the time the technical department quickly responds to any problems you might run into. They can replace your website with an up to date mirror image. This is extremely helpful for beginners they saved me when I blew up my website some time ago.

When you choose to upgrade from the free membership to premium you will have 50 free websites and training that you will be impressed with for any level.

pricing is very fear at $49.00 a month or $359.00 a year which have not been raised in twelve years. The fastest and most powerful servers you will have a fast load time on your pages.

Everything you need on one platform check it out.

FREE Keyword Searchwealthy affiliate this little square can change your life

Wealthy Affiliate Is Not A Scam

How To Sell Products For Amazon

Work From Home Computer

Work Home Jobs

Work From Home

If you have any questions I Would be happy to answer them.

Thank you















    • Thank you for the question. The niche is small part of a of any category like a corner of the room. Using the keyword tool jaaxy which takes all internet searches from Google Bing and Yahoo. Takes all that data and put it together when you type in a keyword it will give you information.

      earn extra money home 11005 1871 69 Great 89 .net .org

      This is an example of one line I copied out of 30 different keywords. You type in extra money home and it will give you up to Thirty related terms.The first number is total searches last month the second number is likely visitors to your page ranked on the 1st search page of Google. The third number is your competition I have many of these numbers with 0 to 30 as a beginner you would like to stay under 100. Now the fifth line the 89 that is the SEO Rankin search engine optimizer. Basically how much does Google like it. I like to see those over 90 as a beginner it is easy to do. And it will search to see if there’s an available domain that is the. Net.com. Org.
      Thank you for your question.
      I hope that answer your question if you have any others please feel free to ask.

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