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Wayne, Bowza, Piss WILLY ON THE BEACH

Wayne-Bowza-Piss Willy

                      How are you my name is Wayne

I’m 54 years old live in Massachusetts. Love boating fishing and spending time with my family, friends and my dogs.

I have been a carpenter my whole adult life working out in the weather. As I’m getting older I’ve been looking for a work from home job that is less physical.

Which I can do from a nice warm home and earn more money than I ever have. Now that is up to me how much I earn.. And have more time to spend on things that really mater family, friends, boating enjoying life.

Have you looked for a online job?

The logo on the right is wear you can start the free membership.



Back in 2004 I started to look for a job wear I could work from home. Looked on line and searched. I started drop shipping on eBay.

Sold a lot of boating electronics and antiques it was very time consuming and hard to compete with large buyers. In order for it to be worthwhile. I would have to buy $50,000 of stock from each company and ship it myself.

It is possible to make it work but you need a lot of capitol to compete with large sellers. I kept looking online for something that wasn’t a scam very difficult task.


Spent a lot of money tried a lot of B.S. claims but always a scam.

One way or another or it would be an impossible task. When I came across this site that said they would teach me how for FREE I thought what do I have to lose.

I click on the site and expect to see how much it is going to cost me. But no it was a page wear they try to talk you in to it. So I  click the START TRAINING  button you know what I expected.

Go ahead click on it no you will not need your credit card…Do all the free training then decide if it is right for you.

It was the training wow when do I have to pay I didn’t I took the free training and completed it.

Then I joined and for a very fear monthly payment $49,00. which you can drop out of at any time. I finally found it! it can be challenging but definitely possible to become independent or even very wealthy.



Good question because there are so meany scams that took my money. When I found a legitimate work from home origination that was actually real Wealthy Affiliate.

I want to share it with as meany people as possible to help them and also to keep the low life people from taking  your money. On this platform it is completely up to you.

how affiliate marketing works website to payment.

How it works


Have you been scammed?

They have ALL the training you will ever need with a wicked nice community to help you at any time they encourage you to reach out for help. It is a pay back thing you get help and when you can you help someone out the way it should be.




Is to save people from scams. To get them to check out Wealthy Affiliate go through the training. Become there own boss independent and successful it’s up to you. It is all there it is up to you become what you want.


Update after 2 months

I’ve been in wealthy affiliate for a couple of months now. The training for me and building my website was very difficult.

I fell twice at work last January and have traumatic brain injury.

I have a very hard time remembering stuff. I really can’t type very well my finger seems to have a mind of its own pushing keys that are not even next to the right one.


I Freak Out The Spell Check It Hates Me.

I got to the point in the training where they tell you to type for 30 minutes with no distractions and type an article.

I thought a half hour that’s three or four sentences how am I going to do this.


The solution bring up the authoring tool on my phone and talk to it.

Now the spell check loves me.

I have made a lot of progress. It seems to have helped me with my memory just being persistent.

Taking breaks when I needed to which is often due to headaches and eye strain.

The training is very good and detailed and it gets better all the way through it.

There are so many more opportunities then I thought they were after the free training.

There are two categories of training affiliate marketing to sell products.

Where you can represent some of the largest companies in the world Amazon being one of them and get paid a percentage of what you sell through your links.


My opinion is to sell something that people buy monthly.Jaaxy platform page

When you make a sale it will continue to pay.

The affiliate program to sell services is what I am doing.

I am promoting 5 products at this time.

What you do is a review of the company good or bad scam or not.


Some of them paid very well every month.

This is the path I chose because I feel that I can make it profitable quicker.

I will take the other course for selling products when this website is very well populated.

As a starter member you can become an affiliate of wealthy affiliate immediately you will have a link that you could put on any social media and sell wealthy affiliate memberships.

You will also be able to promote jaaxy which is the tool for finding keywords and phrases domains affiliate programs everything and it is the best on the market.

If you ever need a hand or have a questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.
All the best.

For more information on Jaaxy

FREE Jaaxy trial 30 searches



Wealthy Affiliate Is Not A Scam







  1. Wayne, sounds like you found your niche. I know you’re a hard worker so success in this endeavor should come easy for you. Best of luck.

  2. I think this thing can really fly. What a great idea. I will look further into this. Good luck

    • Thank You I wanted to try this for years and I saw the free training. Had nothing else to do and they helped big time. Have never been stupider in my life it was hard couldn’t remember anything with my TBI. Still having a hard time slow and steady. All the stuff in here is fast and included with more information than you can imagine. The classes I’m in now is probably a two month course at least.
      Take care and good luck.

  3. You are no slouch by any means , hardest worker I know. I hope this works out for you, sounds awesome, nice pic

    • Yes but I type at a snails pace and freak out the spell check I have to do it twice. My finger gets a mind of its own and hits the wrong button not even close sometimes. I Think this is helping me though.
      Take care

    • Thank you
      If you do please go through my page. I have a page called wealthy affiliate is not a scam on that page you can go straight to the free training. No credit card needed.
      Thank you and happy New Year.

  4. Congratulations on finding an awesome opportunity. Good luck on your new endeavor. Roy and I will look into it soon.

    • Thank you
      I also have other good programs I did a review on. This one is the best by far if you do choose to try it for free please come back to my page to sign up bookmark my page.
      Thank you and if you have any other questions I would be happy to answer them. I think this is also good for young people a good form of social media that would grow with them. In a very respectful community where they will Network.

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