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I want to start with this Wealthy Affiliate is the most powerful platform in the world. FACT

A true work home job That will teach you how to build a website step by step content, niche, get ranked on Google for free. All the technology is built into the website average time 34 seconds.

Get free high ranking on Google then you can sell almost 600,000,000 million products and services or even your own product.

With a community that is always there to answer questions and help you to become successful to Work from home.

*Have you looked for:

*Work from home jobs?

*How to work from home online free?

*Work from home from computer?

*This is all of that and more.


This is what got me

Wealthy Affiliate is going to put all their cards on the table. FREE step by step classes you will have a website up and running after a few lessons.

NO CREDIT CARD NEEDED.Go To Free Starter Membership

Click on the free starter logo and get all the facts. To become a premium member and join the community at Wealthy Affiliate it will be $49,00 a month everything you need on one platform no limits 50# websites included.

Complete a few free classes you will realize how good of a deal that is. This is not a scam all the classes are FREE no payment on till you want,.,.


There is no risk it is free.



Read the about Wayne blog you will know l have a little bit of an attitude about how to work from home. I have been scammed one way or another for fourteen years.

Looking for work home jobs what ever I could think of.

It was expensive you look at the sight and it’s a limited time offer. So you read all the smoke that they blow up your &&& and you put your info in.

Then you get a call you answer all the questions to see if you qualify they get your hopes up talking forever trying to hook you.

That is why I put the link right at the top don’t read this start your free training now do it and think can this really work?

It will challenge you but there is a whole community there to help you succeed.

OK to continue with the scams and then for a small startup cost $3,900 you can get started. In a get-rich-quick scam another hour gone. O by the way you will be getting meany more calls they sold your info not funny but you gotta laugh.

Sorry I just wanted you to know I feel your pain.


                                             These Are The Wealthy Affiliate Programs.


                                  Very Simple One Free The Other Everything Included.


memberships one free one everything included


                            Everything that you will need for a successful business.

There are a few up grades but they are not needed for most people.

On the platform I’m going to tell you about every thing is right there for you to succeed. It will be up to you if you can’t do it at Wealthy Affiliate stop looking.

You will have more information and videos there than you will need. In the next chapter I will explain how Wealthy Affiliate works keeping it simple.










Check Out A Course FREE Look

starter courses #4

The free training is very detailed you will read an introduction to what you will be learning in that lesson.

Then you will watch a video to explain the process of building a website from beginning to the end.

Wealthy Affiliate’s free classes are broken down to five chapters with up to yen lessons per chapter.

The classes are very thorough set up so it is easy to learn. You can always go back to go over the class if you need to.

All the technical stuff is built in, Security, search engine optimizer, email.


All the programming is done for you.

The average time to build a website is 34 seconds you just paint the picture and that is what the training is about.

What I thought was going to be the hardest part creating content writing is actually fun. They teach you all the guidelines for good content.

The authoring tool that you will use is easy and corrects everything for you even grammar.

After you watch the video there will be a break down of it which is like cheat notes. At the bottom of the page you can ask questions and see what other people asked with the response.

You will also have tasks to do complete them check them off move on to the next lesson. You will not believe what you get for free. And you will learn how to rank in google first page for free. I’ll go over that soon.

The tasks that you will be completing will be building your website content Even after the free classes you will have a website with content not a blank page.




The website is all automated with the best in the industry twenty-four seven security and maintenance.

Built on a modified WordPress by experts to make it the best it can be for a affiliate marketer and to help with good ranking.

With 50,000 widgets and plugins their is no limits to what you can do.

There are many templates to choose from up to 3,000 to many. The search engine optimizer is the best and always getting better.

There are 1,400,000 Wealthy Affiliate members are a huge percentage of all affiliate marketing and there is a lot of room for you.

I could go on and on about the website but that is the easy part.

When you blow up your website like I did the technical people are right there life savers.


This Is Very Important

No one does this.

When you put a lot of work into your website you do not want to loose it.

At Wealthy Affiliate you will have a true mirror image of every website on separate very powerful servers.

If one detects a problem the second website takes over automatically.


The staff knows how to stop hacking before it happens.

Last year they stopped 27 million hacking attempts.



RANKING ON GOOGLEJaaxy dashboard

Wealthy affiliate will teach you how to use keywords to rank on google with the best tools and techniques to find them in just about anything you want to.

Wealthy Affiliate has a program called jaaxy which you type in a word or phrase. It will come up with a list of relevant keywords and phrases on the internet mainly google.

Jaaxy will list them and tell you how meany times people search that word or phrase per month and how meany visitors should visit your site what the competition is and whether it is great to poor.

You can use good keywords for another search.

On my privacy policy:

At Work from home we are committed to maintaining the trust and confidence of all visitors to our web site. In particular, we want you to know that Work from home is not in the business of selling, renting or trading email lists with other companies and businesses for marketing purposes.

This is a video on how it works free traffic.

                                                      Try It




If you search google you put in a word and it pops down with relevant searches this can be used to get words or phrases to put in jaaxy. There is no limit to what people are searching for you just have to find the right ones for you.

When you do it your going to feel like you cheated it is that easy.

And I know a lot of bulbs brighter than me. period.

Content That Ranksauthoring tool

The content is what google will rank your site on. I suggest that you start with something you love or knowledgeable about anything.

Just to get going nice and easy you can always delete the sight or just start another one.

I think the main thing is to just have fun it’s free.

After you complete all that you will see the potential in Wealthy affiliate you can become a member get serious and determine your own future.

BEST OF LUCK don’t be a quitter.

You will have a whole community to help you.

                   I WILL HELP YOU



The community will always be there to help you Wealthy Affiliate is community based. You can get help in many ways ask questions after a lesson and if you don’t get it go back to the lesson and ask or ask people who are answering questions live.

They are there to help you succeed you can do it. And one day you will do the same thing for somebody and feel good pay it forward.

In closing if you really want to work from home willing to put in some time you can not fail. The step by step classes the community and the support are all there to help you become successful.

You will get stuck ask for help we are happy to help.

Wealthy Affiliate can not be beat. Come back and go through my website. There is no risk it is FREE.

Thank you.

FREE Jaaxy trial 30 searches

How To Sell Products For Amazon

How To Work From Your Home Computer

Work From Home

Best of luck




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